YouTube ads are a little-known secret among advertisers. We tell you why it’s worth trying out, and tips on how to get started.
Most business owners are aware of Google AdWords, Facebook advertising, LinkedIn advertising and more. But have you heard about the merits of YouTube advertising?
At first glance, video advertising seems to be a branding play, but it’s much more than that: You can actually drive conversions with YouTube advertising. Not convinced? Here are reasons to try out YouTube advertising.

Lots of volume:

YouTube is the No. 2 search engine in the world and gets over 6 billion hours viewed per month—and that number will only increase.

Low costs:

With YouTube ads, in some cases you’re only paying a few cents per view for the in-stream or in-display ads. That’s a big bargain for generating brand awareness. Even better: You’re not charged for a view unless the viewer watches 30 seconds of the video or finishes the video, whichever comes first.


In my experience, YouTube ads can generate sales for you at a cost-effective price—even better than other more widely used channels like Facebook or the standard Google AdWords.

Saturation is lower:

The time to get into YouTube ads is now. Scalable channels like this tend to get saturated fairly quickly, and that means costs will probably go up in the next year or two.

Your reach on YouTube is massive

The first thing to know about YouTube is the potential reach you have to work with. YouTube is the world’s second most used search engine and the third most visited site after Google and Facebook. It has a total of 1.3 billion users and 300 hours of new video is uploaded every minute.
It’s not only the sheer volume of users that makes YouTube’s reach so promising. It’s the nature of that audience and how they interact with brands that make things really interesting. Google is calling this audience Gen C: The YouTube Generation – “a powerful new force in culture and commerce”.
This is important because it shapes the actions people take before and after watching online videos and learn to code from learn academy website. These are the actions you’ll be targeting with your YouTube ads and we’ll have more on this point shortly.

YouTube ads have the lowest starting price

Something else you’ll love about YouTube advertising is how cheap it is to get things up and running. In some cases, ads will cost as little as a few pence. Better yet, with True View ads you only pay when a user watches 30 seconds or your entire ad – whichever comes first. So you never pay for impressions that don’t keep viewers watching.

That’s pretty incredible for an advertising platform and once you combine that with the reach on offer, YouTube becomes a tempting proposition. Of course, it takes more than cheap ads to make a successful campaign and this is where things start to get really interesting.

YouTube’s targeting options are up there with the best

Targeting options are what set the modern advertising platforms apart and YouTube doesn’t disappoint. First up, you have demographic targeting to select audiences by age, gender and parental status. That’s just the beginning, though. You can also use contextual placements to show your ads on specific videos, channels or websites – places you know attract audiences with high conversion potential.

This is where YouTube starts coming into its own, allowing you to target high-intent viewers at various stages of the buying process. You can even place your ads on your competitors’ videos and steal leads from right under their noses.

You also have keyword, topics and interest targeting, plus remarketing, to get your ads get seen by the right people.

Viewers come with high buying intent

Video has risen to the top of content marketing, generating higher conversion rates than any other form of content. This doesn’t happen because consumers are suckers for anything with moving pictures – it happens because the buying intent is already there.
Researcher are shows consumers watch three types of video more than any other: instructional videos, product or service videos and humorous videos. It also shows a massive 96% of consumers find videos help them make buying decisions and 84% of Amazon users want to see more product videos.

Potential to Earn Revenue

You can get paid when people watch your ad on YouTube if you qualify for YouTube’s Partner Program. You’ll want to stay on top of your PR push after your video is posted. The more people that view your ad, the higher your commercial’s rank climbs, the more potential you have to earn money back on what you’ve already paid to have created. And if your ad goes viral, it could really bring home the bacon!

YouTube ads put your brand in front of that buying intent in a way no other platform can. Get your targeting right and suddenly you’ve got one of the cheapest advertising channels generating high-quality leads from people itching to buy.

It’s only a matter of time before more advertisers start investing in YouTube. Meanwhile, Google will continue to refine its video ads to make them less intrusive and more effective at generating leads. For now, though, a lack of competition on the platform and some creative strategies make this one of our favourite advertising channels to work with.

Tips on Building a YouTube Campaign

If you like what you’ve heard so far, and are considering a YouTube advertising campaign, use these tips for crafting your strategy.
Make sure your ad captures the viewer’s attention in 8 seconds. Keep it simple to understand.
Make sure you understand the different video advertising options that YouTube offers.
Take a look at what your competitors are doing. Analyze videos that grab your attention and are persuasive in making a sale.
Make sure your frequency cap is at an adequate level. The frequency cap simply allows you to “cap” how many times your video shows to a unique user over a defined period of time.
Create different targeting groups and test to see what works best. The targeting group is perhaps one of the most critical parts of creating a YouTube campaign because it can either cause you to make a lot of money or lose a lot of money.
Don’t forget to optimize your landing pages.
Be sure to look at assisted conversions using your analytics, too. Google Analytics shows you assisted conversions, and it’s completely free.